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      So you come to the sequel page and you still want more info? How about some cheezy reviews? sure lots of people review movies, and they do it why don't I give it a try as I watch new sequel related movies.....if you dont like a review, let me know and I'll work on my technique....or not.....

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings - Reviewed: 4/10/2002
      Well, I finally saw Lord of the Rings. I can't argue with the fact this is an epic movie: everything was well done, casting and acting was well done (except maybe sean austin and the character he played), sets were grand, ideas were grand........but, it was all a little too grand if you ask me. If fact, it's so grand it didnt fit into one movie. That's right boys and girls, this isn't some sequel with a nice clean cut ending....It is kind of like the Back to the Future series where the movies run back to back. My point is, after three hours of sitting through a very well done movie, I discovered that I was no better off then when I started watching. Will I see the next one in the theatres...yeah, probably.

Favorite Part: gotta love swordplay!

Rating: See it...or rent it

Urban Legend 2 - Reviewed: 3/8/2002
      Wow, what can I say. I thought the first one was horrible and implausible, this one went further down the road of why sequels should never be made. I thought I had the killer pegged at 15 minutes into the movie (and no, I dont mean Joey Lawrence), but by the time I figured out who the true killer was, i didnt care!! They used the same formula as the first movie: no plot, no interesting characters, nothing was good....nothing! Heck, even the completely failure of the movie at about 20 minutes in was the same. I wish I could say something nice....but I cant, this movie was awful. Send the studios a message, dont go see movies like these, dont rent them, dont even watch it if it comes on broadcast tv....I'd rather watch battlefield earth! Wait, i forgot to mention the end again: The villian gets shot in the heart!! Yet, he find himself in some sort of (mental) hospital with the villian from the first movie as his nurse!!!

Favorite Part: The huge laugh I got when the 'surprise' ending was revealed...god this movie sucked.

Rating: Skip It! (to avoid a beating by your friends)

Urban Legend - Reviewed: 4/3/2001
      Well, what can I say, this movie sucked....alot. There's nothing wrong with a weak plotted horror flick, but saying this film had a weak plot would be a compliment. For the first 20 minutes I thought there might be hope, but that hope quickly faded as this pointless movie lumbered on. No plot, no interesting characters, nothing was good, I cant believe it has a 5.1/10 rating on IMDB! And lets talk ending: When the villian gets shot twice, falls out a third story window, and lives, I was annoyed. When the 'injured' villain then attacks again only to be thrown threw a car window into a river....and then lives again!!! who writes this crud? Maybe I wasnt meant to enjoy "90's Teen Slasher Flicks"

Favorite Part: I guess the Robert Englund cameo

Rating: Skip It!

Meet the Parents - Reviewed: 3/30/2001
      I wasn't laughing the whole time like many others, but overall I did enjoy this movie. Sometimes the scenes are uncomfortably funny, as in I forget that are meant to be silly but instead are sometimes disturbed / disgusted / confused or just plain feel bad for 'Greg' Focker...and his borrowed speedos....and parenting magazines....

Favorite Part: how about nicotine kitty!

Rating: Rent it

Scary Movie - Reviewed: 1/27/2001
      Well, I probably shouldnt have watched this while I was half asleep....that and the fact I'm not a huge fan of the scream/last summer genre. Maybe I just hyped it up in my mind too much. There are lots of jokes, gags, and 'surprises', I just wasn't amused by them....remind me to watch the next one while I'm awake.

Favorite Part: didn't really have one again.

Rating: Wait for it to hit TV

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps - Reviewed: 1/26/2001
      The first one wasnt I figured I should see this one, but I was afraid I wouldnt like this movie, but I saw it with an open mind didnt help. From an overly annoying Buddy Love to a giant hamster 'shooting' a crowd, I couldnt find anything I really liked about this movie.....except the thing I liked from the first movie, Prof. Klump. I give Eddie Murphy credit for playing so many characters and trying to add depth to most of their personalities, but it was all for nothing for I felt robbed of my rental money.

Favorite Part: didn't really have one, had several least favorite parts though....

Rating: Skip it

Pitch Black - Reviewed: 1/21/2001
      Well, I went into this not expecting much (which can be a good thing), and I wound up being entertained for almost 2 hours. The movie jumps right into action as the characters crash land on a planet which will soon be thrown into 'pitch black', and thats when all the nasty aliens come out. The story is fairly simple and moves along at a nice quick pace, and even the characters die off at a good pace. The movie doesnt even try to overwhelm with special effects, it just has good effects when it needs them. Vin Diesel does a pretty good job playing the evil badass Riddick, and Cole Hauser has the job of playing the guy you can't decide if he is good or, this review stuff is hard......

Favorite Part (spoiler warning): At the end, Fry the pilot goes back to save Riddick. She finds him bloody from his alien battle, but alive. As she struggles to help him, he grabs hold of her and you see that suddenly she is stabbed......but the great unsuspecting part is, he didn't stab her, an alien did.....I loved this twist in the movie and that's why it's my favorite part!

Rating: Rent it