Gen I
Gen II
Gen Tyco
Gen DW
Gen PT
Gen TT
Generation I
Generation II
Generation Tyco
The original stompers started coming out in 1980 and ran until 1982. It expanded with special groups like 'Work x 4' and
'Fun x 4'.
The second generation came out for 1983 and ran until 1985. New features were added like a second speed and bigger tires. Gen II was broken into many groups!
This diverse generation came out for 1987, 1988 and 1989. It's similar to Gen 2.
Generation DW
Generation PT
Generation TT
Dreamworks brought back the stompers in 1992. Even an 'aggresive' ad campaign could not save these stompers.
Peachtree Playthings once again resurrected stompers in 1997 to 1999. At least they lasted longer than the Dreamworks stompers.
In 2001, Tinco Toys came at us full force with a lineup not seen since Gen II!
Not Stompers
Modder's Corner
Stuff like Rough Riders, Matchbox Power Wheels, and others
the stomper name is gone, but the tradition came back from May 2011 to 2013.
fixes, mods,
upgrades, etc
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