Stompers: Generation II

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Custom Kit
Heavy Haulers
Mobile Force
Road Rod
Work x 4


Generation II stompers, circa 1983?, had 3 settings: off, low (for climbing), and high (for speed) (see pic, notice the sliding bar in the middle that controls the speed). Gen II had rubber tires that were about 1/2" wide. The bumpers were moved to the cover instead of the base. The stompers also had headlights ( see pics of misc stompers ). Some stompers came with stunt wheels, it was a fifth wheel that attached to the bottom of the stomper so it could drive on only two other wheels. Gen II mixed it up by giving you the ability to build your own stomper with the Deluxe Custom Kit.

Work x 4's were seen in both Gen I & II. Both included a dump truck and a cement mixer, only the base is different (the Gen II cement mixer has the wrong tires). I'm not sure if the others are in both sets. Workhorses (1983) which were Gen II stompers that towed various items and had a real working winch. In 1984, they were named Wilderness Campers. Don't forget the Road Rods which included a Porsche, a VW Bug, and a Subaru Brat. The stompers were slightly modified for a series called Speedsters [1985]. Dont forget mobile force [1984]. There was also a set of mini stompers that were about half as long and took a single AAA battery. There were also series called Heavy Haulers (1983). Lastly, we saw the introduction of Water Demons!. This was a set of six amphibious vehicles.