Starting in 2010, Redwood Ventures brought back a stomper like product that was made in China. It survived four series before disappearing. IT seems like they kept trying to cut costs but just couldn't make the business work.

      Series 1: (2010-2011). There are 12 defiants in series 1. The packages are pretty cool in that there is a button on the bottom of the packaging to show they work. Speaking of that, they no longer use a single AA but rather a pair of AAAs. The early Defiants also had "blazing headlights" like Stompers did. You can put the engine in "power" (low), "speed" (high), or freewheel.

(need picture)

      Series 2: 2011: a trimmed down Series 1 but in new color schemes.

      Series 3: 2012: Just 6 Models and they no longer come with batteries... or headlights.

      Series 4: 2013: Rednex vs Rally : 12 models, with Big Sky, Crumpet, Richtor, and Twitch returning from Series 3, Sk8rat and Tow It All returning from Series 1 & 2, and Trouble Maker returning from Series 1, all with new color schemes of course

      Notice that there is still a spot to hold the lights in place.

      Notice the unfriendlys wheel configuration. The large plastic piece prevents easy removal of the rubber tires.

      the battery tray slides out (after undoing the screw) and holds two AAA batteries.

      There was a blitz force earlier on but disappeared after 2012

      Lots of other playsets as well, at least 7 regular sets, 2 blitz sets, plus a few different flex terrain tracks

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