Starting in 2010, Redwood Ventures brought back a stomper-like product that was made in China. Selling price was around $7.99 They survived several series before disappearing. It seems like they kept trying to cut costs but just couldn't make the business profitable.

Big differences: a pair of AAA batteries powers these instead of a single AA. The internal structure is the same basic idea but in theory is now less prone to the gears popping out. The wheels are no longer easily replacable (more on that later). Lastly, back and front clips are gone. These covers clip on the sides.

Circa 2011 Packaging

Circa 2012 Packaging

Circa 2013 Packaging

      So little problem. I found the Defiants 2012 Toy Fair display booth here. It mentions 5 series, not 4. I would take this as the last word, but the Defiants facebook page showed a series 4 that was just showing trucks from series 2. What is going on here? I will do my best to figure it out. Unfortunately doesn't have all the series images that I could have used as another reference point.

      Series 1: (2010-2011) There are 12 defiants in series 1. The packages are pretty cool in that there is a button on the bottom of the packaging to show they work. The early Defiants also had "blazing headlights" like Stompers did. You can put the engine in "power" (low), "speed" (high), or freewheel.

      Series 1? series 2? (2011) Series 1 in new color schemes.

      Series 2? Series 3? (2012) 6 new body styles and they no longer come with batteries... or headlights.

      Series 2? Series 4? (2012) Same body styles as last series but in different colors

      Series 2? Series 5? (2012) 10 more models

      Series 3? Series 6? (2013) >>> Rednex vs Rally : A mix of all the previous series. Based on packaging, there are 12 models including Big Sky, Crumpet, Richtor, Twitch, Sk8rat, Tow It All, and Trouble Maker.

      Notice that there is still a spot to hold the lights in place.

      Notice the unfriendly wheel configuration. The large plastic piece prevents easy removal of the rubber tires. I would love to know why they did it this way.

      the battery tray slides out (after undoing the screw) and holds two AAA batteries.

      There was a blitz force (with 2 playsets) earlier on but disappeared after 2012

      Lots of playsets as well - at least 7 regular sets plus a few different flex terrain tracks including Maximum Mayhem, Flipped Out Fury, Badlands Scramble, Rough & Ready Starter Set, Sinkhole Control, and Operations: Surge Hostile Territory.

      In August of 2012, Defiants teased Defiants Amphibiants in this youtube video. They show "CHUM" driving on land but also swimming through a small stream. The video includes mock-ups of 3 other designs as well.

      On July 16, 2013, the Defiants teams posted to facebook that they would no longer be posting new content. The Defiants team went on to create Kaotiks RC cars which seem to have lasted from 2013 to 2015.

      Wait, the story doesn't end there apparently!!

      I've been reviewing all of the data on the website when I came across a few pictures I saved of Tonka Climb-Overs. I had found them interesting but forgot to followup on them. Well, I did some digging and I'm about 98% sure that these are basically a newer version of Defiants! The similar wheels was the first clue, the overall base layout was the second clue, and then my proverbial smoking gun is the fact that they use the same battery cover markings. That can not be a coincidence right?

      Tonka Climb-Overs: Released in 2016 and selling until at least 2018, there were four service vehicles (each in two colors), 3 trucks/SUVs, 2 bigger playsets, and then you can piece together one more playset from the starter pack pieces that come with the climb-overs. As an added bonus, all the playsets can be combined.

      The funny thing about climb-overs is that they have the base of Defiants, but they've taken the push on/off idea from Power Scouts and turned that in to a push off/on button on the top of each vehicle.

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