In 2001, Tinco Toys brought back Stompers yet again, and let's just say that they pulled out all the stops! To be honest, I've always felt guilty about not having my own Tinco page, but with's COMPLETE coverage (huge emphasis on COMPLETE), there has never really been a need. So head on over there to see the goods...then come on back when you are done :)

Anyway, to ease my conscience, I headed down to Toys R Us at the end of Oct 2002 and picked up 3 of the new ones at a mere $3 a pop! They didnt have all the models, but they had a decent selection of 4 wheelers (no semis). And hey, if you don't like the new colors, they make great spare parts!

Below is a picture of a supposed 'limited edition' chrome bug. You will notice that the backside no longer list the other models in the group. I'm guessing that this means that names like Surf Runner and Dune Hopper are gone (and with trademark issues, they probably can't use the original vehicle names either).


Business Note: Tinco Toys stopped showing up on their parent company's annual report after 2014 (annual and interim reports here)

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