Learn about master toy inventor Eddy Goldfarb
Eddy's World (a must watch video)

Show off your stompers here!
Got Stompers?

Want to chat with other Stomper fans?
Schaper Restoration Society

Want a Stomper like product for your kids or grandkids?
Check out "magic tracks" on Amazon
or try "track cars" on Amazon

E-bay always has stompers for sale (at mostly awful prices)

Play my very old online Stomper Game
Stomper Race

Competition Pull Rules (from Vector!)
Pro Stock   *   Super Stock   *   Modified
Super Modified   *   Open 4WD

Stomper Pages (lots of info) (just pictures)
Stomper Museum (Youtube channel)
Wikipedia Page
inthe80s Page

4,306,375 (for Stomper)
4,475,304 (for pulling rig)
Lots of other patents from Goldfarb and Everitt
(many but not all are stomper related)

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